May 27, 2011

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Audrey Hu’s Beautiful Jewelry

When I found Audrey Hu, I fell instantly in love with her pieces. I’m a jewelry lover, but I like most of my jewelry to be dainty and feminine. Don’t ask why, it’s just the way it is. LOL I love fluid lines and non-commercial looks. Taking a look at her website,  I tried to learn more about her.

Naomi Campbell with AHJewelry

“Audrey Hu has been handcrafting sterling silver jewelry for herself and friends since 1995. In 2002, she founded AHJewelry to bring her designs to a wider audience. Since then, AHJewelry has been featured in numerous magazines, runway shows and films, and has been worn by trend-setting celebrities. Through her jewelry, Audrey reveals an appreciation for the power of high style and fashion to nurture individual self-expression.

Her creations embrace simplicity and clean lines, incorporating modern architectural concepts, while maintaining feminine elegance. Audrey uses a combination of semi-precious stones and unconventional materials such as feathers, horn and acrylic. She is endlessly exploring different mediums to expand her diversity of styles.

“I like to think of my jewelry as a conversational ice breaker,” says Audrey. “Affecting the wearer’s life by a simple compliment from a passing stranger, or allowing the wearer to feel glamorously empowered when they go out on the town.”

Audrey’s collections can be worn on formal or casual occasions, creating a sophisticated look in both circumstances. Ultimately, her jewelry is designed by using the body as a sculptural landscape to bring forth the inherent beauty of each person who wears it. Through her designs, she hopes to affect an ever-growing community by empowering each individual to celebrate life and her own beauty.”

This was great, but I wanted to know more. So, I sent her an email asking a few questions. I love knowing why a person decides to create a certain design. Their influences and goals. Audrey was happy to reply to my email. I must say, speaking with her has been a pleasant experience and I am putting in an order for one of her necklaces next week.

Who are you? What kind of background do you have? How did you begin making jewelry and was it something you always loved? How long have you been in business?
I began making jewelry while working for a design firm as a store designer in NYC back in 95.  I wanted to wear stylish jewelry to work, and while shopping for some, I saw too many pieces I liked.  Since I couldn’t buy them all, and didn’t want just one or 2 pieces, I decided to make my own jewelry.  That way, I could have as many pieces as I wanted the “way” i wanted it.  Then, my friends wanted me to make jewelry for them, and the rest is history.  It wasn’t till after 9/11 that I decided to do this full time and make it my life’s passion.  I have always loved design, and fashion.  I think my background in design and architecture greatly influences the 3 dimensional aspects to making a jewelry piece work mechanically as well as esthetically.  So, I’ve been in business officially since 2002.

What are your inspirations? Do any of your pieces symbolize something? You use many natural items, such as feathers and stones. Do you consider yourself eco-friendly? Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?
My biggest inspirations are besides Couture Fashion, are Art, Architecture, and world cultures.  Birds of different species are particularly interesting because of the natural beauty in the color and pattern of their feathers.  I feel that they are worthy of adornment.  I do however, have to mention that NO birds are harmed for their feathers that are used by AH Jewelry.  The feathers are salvaged and/or gathered from the birds they come from.  As for the materials used in AH Jewelry’s pieces, all are either 14k Gold Filled, 14k Gold Plated, or Solid Sterling Silver.  I do not use base metal or any other metals that could be harmful to one’s health.  So far, I have not heard any complaints from allergies to my jewelry.

Audrey's friend shows her love

Why do you believe your jewelry stands out to women?
Why does my jewelry stand out?  I think it’s because originality is important to me and being a creative person, that is something I always strive for.  I have been told when I have asked others what they liked about AH Jewelry are that they are “Unique”, “Delicate”, “Stylish”, and “Feminine”.  The way I “adorn” the feathers are different and celebrates the beauty of each feather.

Audrey was kind enough to extend a 40% discount to all of my readers. When placing an order, simply send her an email telling her that you heard about her on I love her designs especially the Peacock Double Hoop Earrings that are featured in the pictures. I’m also a fan of her All Meshed Up collection. Check out her site, and tell me what you bought! And a great big Thank you to Audrey for writing me back!

Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Winner will be drawn on June 17, 2011. Good Luck!!

  1. She has some really gorgeous pieces. I could form a jewelry collection purely from her designs and live a completely happy (accessory-filled) life.
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  2. Those peacock earrings are delicious!
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    • Trianna
      Trilala says:

      Aren’t they? I think they could definitely fit in with a tribal look for the summer. Great with a maxi dress or even a bohemian look.

  3. Very colorful and eye catching me likey! xx
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    • Trianna
      Trilala says:

      You should definitely pick something up! I could absolutely see you wearing a pair of these earrings.

  4. Jewelry is another beautiful expression of art!

  5. LOVE those earrings … thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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