Nov 8, 2015

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Autumn Styling

Hello my beauties! It has been quite some time. I’ve been really focused on making my work/life balance actually- you know- balance. It’s been rough getting the Kid (nine-year-old!!!) used to me being gone a lot. Where I used to be able to go to every activity and event, scheduling has become a major issue. At least he understands that Mommy has to work if he wants to keep up this lifestyle.
My Fall style

Here in Boston the weather has been rather up and down. One minute it’s frigid and the next we’re in late summer. Autumn and Spring are my two favourite seasons, seeing as they’re that perfect in between. I love sweaters, scarves and socks, but I don’t love trudging through snow and freezing my nose off during the Winter, or underboob sweat and makeup meltdown in the Summer.

I’m currently home sick with no voice (can you even begin to imagine?!!!). It’s a bad case of laryngitis that has been going on for three weeks now and doesn’t seem like it’s letting up. When I was out and about in Beantown, I’d be wearing something similar to this outfit to work or play. That oxblood lip color is to DIE for. It’s my latest obsession thanks to my Saks MAC girl, Dianna.

A cute pair of Valentino Lovelatch flats in a sweet grey-blue color to wear during the day and some Aquazzura chunky heels to go out at night. I also have a thing for striped dresses and I love this H&M version. Furry bag pompoms are a huge thing right now and I completely jumped on that bandwagon. They’re so fluffy I could die!!!!!

My clothing style has always been very simple with accessories and shoes thrown in to give it a pop. I’ve also been embracing the gray. My temples are going silver and I figure why the hell not? I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to make it work. This outfit or some variation is my go to right now, with a sweater or scarf thrown in for warmth on the cooler days.

What’s your Autumn style looking like? And how do you feel about such a bold lip color? I’ve missed you all, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


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