Mar 6, 2014

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Cute Links

Hello my lovelies! The past few weeks, between travelling and getting back into the groove of things, I haven’t had a chance to really post any of my links and such. I’ve been seeing some videos that I just wanted to share with you.

    • Lupita Nyong’o is all sorts of inspirational. Her words can be taken in context for everyone and I thought I would share her speech with you. They brought (and continue to bring) me to tears every single time. Take a look.

    • Get your nerd on with me! I follow this wonderful page on Facebook called I F*cking Love Science. The admin is a woman named Elise Andrews. Score for Smart/Nerdy Girl Power! Here she details some of the hate mail she receives for things as simple as the name of her blog. Hilarity ensues. (Disclaimer: there is a ton of cursing and vile attitudes displayed, so I would caution where and when you watch!)

    • I have always had a fascination with volcanoes, especially Mt. Vesuvius and the story behind Pompeii. I also have a fascination with really hot and sexy men who walk around half naked. Just saying. Aaaaannnd Jon Snow aka Kit Harington is in it…and I can tell you that Ygritte is very wrong. He knows A LOT…

That’s all for today! If you have any links that you think are worthy of posting up, please feel free to share them with me! I’ll catch you back here for another Cute Links next Thursday!


  1. Okay, so I studied Latin for 3 years in school (does this make me a nerd?!) And our language books were all based on lives in Pompeii. So… as you can imagine, I am very excited about this movie!

    • Studying Latin makes you awesome! Reading the dictionary just because is nerd-ish. (Yes, I did that)
      I am so ready for this movie…in 3D no less! Of course it won’t be as accurate, but it will still be great.

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