Mar 31, 2014

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Inexpensive College Style

Oh how I wish I was young again. Not to say thirty is old. Because it’s not. It’s just older than I currently would like to be.

I have to dress a certain way. I have to act a certain way. I have responsibilities…like the Kid and bills. Le sigh.

Instead, I live vicariously through my eighteen-year old sister who will be entering college this year. I’ve invested my considerable shopping skills into accumulating a rather awesome, dorm-friendly, youthful wardrobe for her.

I won’t lie. It consists mostly of graphic tees, printed leggings, sweaters and sweatshirts. Of course, there’s the occasional nice blouse, cute dress or skirt and jacket/blazer. Throw in some flip-flops, a pair of comfortable flat boots and several pairs of Vans and assorted accessories and she’s all set.

My sister also lives, and will go to school, in South Florida. Tank tops will go a long way for her. Her problem with most clothing options is that they are “overly girly.” She would sometimes prefer to buy guy’s shirts instead. I found some awesome options for her on rue21. Options that do not include flowers or too much pink. If I were her age again, I would be all over the graphic tanks and tees section of rue21.

Graphic Jin

They’re funny, cutesy, inexpensive and can totally express who you are as a person without being too diva. My sister is a bit of a tomboy, preferring jeans and t-shirts with sneakers, rather than dresses and heels, so graphic tees fit her personality. Rue21 has a great assortment of graphic tees for guys and girls, ranging from Marilyn Monroe to the Lion King and all things Marvel Comics.

With her collection of stylish sneakers and flip-flops (essential footwear of South Florida), she can wear any of the printed leggings on Keeping her tops simple with the focus on her bottom half, will bring her outfit together. She can wear them to class, running around with friends or going to visit Mom.

College Daze

Some will say that leggings are not pants. But with thicker materials and different patterns, I say why not? As long as you’re not showing off your panties (or panty lines) and you don’t have the dreaded vedgie aka camel toe, there shouldn’t be a problem. Wearing a cute pair of printed leggings, a baggy sweatshirt, a pair of sneakers and a haphazard ponytail never hurt anyone.

She’s still a kid with years of looking professional ahead of her. Why not have fun with her clothes now? She’s got the whole skateboarding urban boho surfer vibe going. I’m pretty sure she’s going to love what I’ve thrown together. Even if she doesn’t, I do. And that’s all that matters.

This post was sponsored by rue21. All opinions and thoughts, as always, are my own. 

  1. 30 is a great age. That was my favorite between 27 and 30. You’re still young enough and old enough at the same time. You can get away with cute clothes. I often wonder if Im in the wrong dept when shopping, because you never think your age changes year after year, until you look in the mirror.
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