Jun 25, 2014

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It’s been a While {I have Issues}

Trianna of That's Too Cute

There’s the push and pull.
The inevitability of a wave crashing against the shore.
An unseen current flowing; sweeping unchecked emotion across guarded eyes.
Playful banter, words misconstrued.
A wink here, a shove there. A hug. A kiss. A pinch.

Tight smiles forced through in the hopes that questions will not come.
But knowing that they will.
The moon’s reflection bouncing off of sun kissed skin.
A breeze brushing tears away from rosy cheeks.
The weakness in strength.

A smile in place.
Downcast eyes.
Shielding themselves and others from unmitigated pain.
Words babbled like a lazy stream, lost in the recesses of a musky forest.
Unknown unless you stumble upon it.
Slaking the thirst denied for too long.

A touch here. A thought there.
Now over here, there and back again.
Bubbling and frothing until there is nothing left.
Residuals of laughter and understanding.
The illusion and allusion of happiness.
Pretension of contentment.

Green fields of dying flowers.
Bamboo forests of insecurities.
Gusts of displaced wrath merging with squalls of neediness.
Soaring against a backdrop of light emitted from long dead stars.
The Gods are fickle but not so much as men.
Or worse – women.

A pressing of flesh against flesh.
In the hopes that the empty will be filled.
Being mindful that it never will.
Pushing, pulling. Stay. Go.
Here and there and back.
Always back again.

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