Mar 23, 2015

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Your girl has done it again. Disappeared for a while. I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

But not so much my beloved bloggity blog. Maybe one day I’ll get it together.

Anyway, a quick update about why I haven’t been around.

  • I’ve got a new job working at Saks Boston in the 10022 Shoe Salon. Although, I am based in the Shoe Salon giving great advice on which shoes to wear with what, I also have the option of exploring the store with my clients and dressing them from head to toe. I am literally surrounded by gorgeous shoes all day long with new items coming in daily. I work in a candy shop and have a sweet tooth. It’s bad but sooooo good.
  • I’ve been writing my book and being a complete chicken shit about letting anyone read it because I am afraid of rejection. Besides, it’s not perfect. That’s half the problem with an editor writing a book. They like to self edit which takes forever because something can always be phrased better.
  • I’ve started actually trying to have a life outside of motherhood. After separating from my husband, things were rough. They still are. Getting back into the world when someone else was your entire life can be scary. It is scary. What’s even scarier is picking up and leaving everything you know to start fresh. It takes a while for some people. For me, it’s taken almost 4 years. Don’t judge. I’m open to dating, but have been told that my resting bitch face can turn away potentials.
  • I’ve been trying to juggle all of this with motherhood. The Kid is now 8, 9 in July, and thinks that if I want to go on a date it should be with him. And only him.

Besides trying to keep my house clean, letting the Kid know he’s number one and just getting by day to day, that’s really all that’s new in my neck of the woods. I’m trying to be good and update regularly. Thanks for loving me. I’ve got some great stuff coming to the blog in the next weeks and hope you’ll stick around!


If you would like to keep up with the latest shoes and fashion trends from Saks, please follow my Instagram feed @shoestoocute. There you’ll see what’s available and how to purchase it. 


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