Apr 23, 2015

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{Product Review} Tieks by Gavrieli

As I said a few weeks back, I have started a new job in Saks Fifth Ave’s Boston flagship store. I am based in the 10022 Shoe Salon, which is awesome, except for the fact that I would come home and my feet would be killing me after standing up and running around all day.

I didn’t bother with wearing any of my heels and after 7 or more hours of busy days, the flats that I already have, and was wearing, just weren’t cutting it. I bought new shoes (because any excuse for new shoes!) with a small wedge that weren’t completely flat but not too high either. Those worked for all of a few weeks, before my feet completely rebelled and decided that they need softer cushioning, more wiggle room and more arch support.

I have a high arch, which makes high heels actually comfortable for me to wear (there’s always some shoes that just don’t work). I finally decided to give Tieks a try. If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements for this brand with the turquoise blue rubber soles. They are handmade leather flats that can fold up and be thrown into your purse.

I’ll admit I was hesitant to try them. Everyone recommended the Lanvin flats, which are ridiculously expensive yet very worth it, but I wasn’t about to shell out that amount of money when I have things like karate and swim lessons to pay for. The Tieks brand starts at $175, not as expensive as Lanvin, but way more than most people would like to pay for a pair of flats, leather or not.

I tried finding reviews or some kind of Tieks testimony outside of the Tieks website, but I guess people want to keep things to themselves. Unlike me!

I’m in love with these shoes! The leather is so soft and the color that I chose is a perfect shade of nude for me. It’s to the point where people think I’m barefoot. I’ve had dozens of people ask me where did I get my shoes. The turquoise blue rubber soles act like shock absorbers allowing me to to stay on my feet all day and run around between dressing rooms, stock rooms and up and down two different floors. The best part is that I can fold them up, put them in their own pouch and throw them in my purse. Although my size is more toward a 6 1/2, my feet are a little wider to the front and sometimes swell in the heat. The Tieks website says to go down for half sizes, unless you know you have a wider foot. I decided to go with a size 7.

Signature turquoise blue rubber sole

Signature turquoise blue rubber sole


Size 7 for swollen feet days!

Size 7 for swollen feet days!


First time wearing them! Photo courtesy Instagram @thatstoocute @shoestoocute

First time wearing them!
Photo courtesy Instagram @thatstoocute

When they first arrived, two days after I put in my order, they came in the cutest turquoise box with a flower on top. Packaging and delivery time get a check! Upon opening the box I saw my shoes neatly folded. Also inside of this box was a small pouch to store your Tieks. Best part about this pouch? It flips inside out creating a larger tote bag, perfect for carrying another pair of shoes. Last but not least, there was a wonderful hand written note that I found out comes along with EVERY pair of Tieks.

The little flower on top is adorable!

The little flower on top is adorable!


Tieks Opening


A personalized note adds a wonderful and memorable feature.

A personalized note adds a wonderful and memorable feature.

All in all, I will be purchasing another pair or two of these in different colors and they are well worth the $175. I suggest spraying some Aquatec or Sof Sole to help protect the leather from water damage. Don’t wear them every day (just like with any other shoe!) because feet sweat and we don’t want any funky shoes. They’re perfect 3 Season shoes and since I’m indoors at work, I can squeeze a 4th Season out of them.

Have you tried Tieks by Gavrieli? Love or hate them, sound off below and let me know what you think!



  1. Those shoes sure look comfy! I love the color! They go with everything!
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