Aug 26, 2014

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Splurge or Save? Louboutin Mani/Pedis

Luxury Nail Colours by Christian Louboutin

Unfortunately, at this point in time, a pair (or 3 dozen) of those infamous Chinese red soles are not a splurge I can afford. I can look at them. Touch them. Visit them in the store and try them on. But as of now, I am unable to take them home with me.

We will be together soon my loves. Of this, I am certain.

There is, however, one splurge that I am able to afford from the maker of said Chinese red soles. Christian Louboutin, maker of some of the sexiest heels that has graced the feet of celebs, d-listers, new money and old money, has launched his own nail polish line. It makes sense. I’m pretty sure he wanted to make sure that when you wore his shoes there wouldn’t be some ratchet busted looking toes peeking through ruining the effect.

How much is splurge you ask? Weeeeeelllllllll….$50.

I know. I know.

Who’s going to spend $50 on nail polish?! Or should I say nail colour. Yes, colour with the u because that’s how we roll around here. This is why it’s a splurge! I mean, Chanel and Dior nail lacquers go for around $24 and I have on occasion bought these for myself.

Essentially, you’re paying for packaging. These are little pieces of art that should proudly be displayed. The cap evokes the feeling of a calligraphy pen and the bottle could pass for cut crystal. An assortment of rich colors are available. And of course, there’s the very first color-Rouge Louboutin- based off those red soles that made him a household name.

Rouge Louboutin and Ballerina

The original-Rouge Louboutin

Louboutin Nail Colours-The Nudes

The Nudes Alta Perla, Just Nothing, La Favorita, Madame est Nue, Me Nude, Simple Nude, Sweet Charity, Tres Decollete, Tutulle, ZouZou


Loboutin Nail Colours-The Pops

The Pops Batignolles, Bengali, Escatin, Lova, Miss Loubi, Mula Lisa, Ni Toi Ni Moi, Pluminette, Popi, Wherever

Louboutin Nail Colours-The Noirs

The Noirs Bianca, Daffodile, Farida, Kheops, Khol, Lady Page, Lady Twist, Sevillana, Very Prive, Zermadame

Is a $50 price tag too hefty or would you splurge for a Louboutin mani/pedi?

  1. I would splurge on this as a gift or, honestly, to use a decorative piece on a shelf or desk. As long as someone will truly appreciate the gift and recognize its significance, the splurge is worth it. Personally, I would only buy it for myself in the original Rouge Louboutin– duh. I think it’s a great marketing ploy, though, especially because red nail polish is the origin of the famous red sole itself.

    • I completely agree! The Rouge Louboutin is the one I was going to get. I think of it more as a novelty item anyway.
      As for a marketing ploy, it was brilliantly done.

  2. Oh man, I don’t think that’s a splurge I’d ever take. That’s a lot, although the packaging and the look of them is great. I’d rather save up for a year for a pair of his shoes instead haha

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    • It is a lot. Lol Saving up for a year is a plan for me too-but somehow life gets in the way and there’s always another emergency saying “let’s take a dip in the shoe fund”

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