Sep 19, 2014

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Style Inspiration {with VienneMilano}

I have a thing for sexy lingerie.

I am a huge follower of The Lingerie Addict, as well as The Lingerie Lesbian. Unfortunately for me, my budget (and breast size) doesn’t always allow for me to shop the way I would like. Corsets, longline bras, garters, and frilly, lacy things are all major players in the sex appeal department. But they can be expensive.


While we’re talking about affordable yet sexy lingerie, thigh highs are an easy way to get some sex appeal in, without breaking the bank. VienneMilano is a great brand when it comes to luxury hosiery and inexpensive style. All of VienneMilano’s thigh highs are made in Italy and have a playful yet elegant vibe to them.

VienneMilano thigh highs are for the woman who is youthful, elegant and confident.

That’s the definition of sexy. Youthful doesn’t mean young. Elegant doesn’t mean uppity. Confident doesn’t mean narcissistic. A youthful attitude is one that has a Carpe Diem (no YOLO up in here-that would be more along the lines of young) attitude and a joie de vivre. Elegance is a classiness that cannot be defined only known when it’s there (or not). Confidence is the sparkle in your eye and the power in your walk. The knowledge that you are far more than anyone will ever know.

With these words, I was inspired to use VienneMilano’s luxurious thigh highs to create some style inspiration boards.

Effortless Office Style featuring VienneMilano


Many of us work in an office environment, or at least have meetings from time to time. With a patterned pencil skirt, a ruffled peplum and an overall nude palette, this screams professional yet sexy. I wanted something that evoked feminine and powerful, because being secure in your femininity is powerful in itself.

Dinner for Two featuring VienneMilano


I don’t believe there is anything simple about black and white. It’s, to me, actually a very bold choice. This is a perfect fall dress to wear to dinner with your significant other. A pair of sexy t-strap heels, some bold earrings and nail art, with a red clutch for that splash of color make the rest of your outfit an elegant affair. However it’s what you wear underneath that can make dinner extra special. A sexy waspie with the rest of your lingerie, and thigh highs with a back seam can have you skipping (or becoming) dessert.
Brunch in the City featuring VienneMilano


This was one of my favorite boards to make. I love that all of the colors work so seamlessly, yet there are different textures and patterns. This outfit (with flats!) is perfect for a fall brunch with friends and then an afternoon of shopping in any city. I’m a New York girl, so I know the appeal of having something comfortable to wear while walking around.
Girls Night Out featuring VienneMilano

Who doesn’t love a Girls Night Out?! I wanted to bring a youthful attitude to this outfit. Those teal thigh highs are everything! Perfect for going out on the town with friends (or your significant other) it shows a playful vibe that is still adult. There’s something to be said for wearing teal thigh highs with such a bold floral skirt. Confidence, anyone?

Hopefully, you’ve gained some style inspiration and are inspired to incorporate some of VienneMilano’s luxurious thigh highs into your wardrobe. Tell me what you think or share some of your own style inspiration!

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