Jun 10, 2015

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Summer Trend: 90’s Jellies

I love the 90’s!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who pines for VH1 the way it used to be with all of it’s glorious shows. (Pop-Up Video, anyone?)

My point is, the 90’s have come full blast back into fashion for Summer 2015. I hope you didn’t throw away all of your acid washed denim, overalls, skorts, wide leg pants, velvet chokers and jelly shoes.

Yes, I said jelly shoes. I had a pair when I was a wee lass in the 80’s and then they came back during my junior high (middle school for non-New Yorkers) years. This time with glitter and heels!

Oh! How they stuck to my feet in the heat trying to melt their way into my flesh.

Oh! How they smelled of straight up plastic making you gag every time you took a step.

Oh! How tacky they actually were but you just HAD to have them.

Jellies are back. Dear G-d, but I never thought I would see the day when grown women would actively search for these shoes. I was a child then, but there’s no excuse now. Styles have been updated and made a little more mature. But honestly, the only jelly I want is on my PB&J.

From Valentino and Givenchy to Sophia Webster and Ferragamo, everyone is on this bandwagon. Have fun ladies!

Summer Trend: 90's Jellies


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