Jan 10, 2016

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Winter Boots that are NOT Uggs

Winter, aka snow, is imminent. I hate the cold (you don’t understand how much I do). That allows me to understand this obsession with the uggliest shoes in the world, Uggs.

Yes, I am aware that Ugg is a brand, and overall there are some fashionable choices, but I’m talking about those ugly, monstrous, loaves of bread looking, horribly smelling boots that the majority of women choose to wear during the winter months.

Uggs should be relegated to household comfort (they’re warm and awesome as house slippers!) and toddlers or infants (because they look absolutely adorable in them!).

If you are over the age of twelve and trying to think you’re someone stylish, I beg you, STOP wearing Uggs. They’re not stylish and I’m over this silly little fashion sentiment. I never liked it, but 2016 is a new year and winter hasn’t officially arrived in my neck of the woods. Stop before you start. Please.

I gift you some winter boots that are not Uggs. Here we have options of insulated, and stylishly adorable snow boots. You won’t go slipping and sliding, and your boots are waterproof. No more soggy feet! Yay!

Winter Boots that Are NOT Uggs

Clockwise from top left:

  • Sorel’s Tivoli High II is a tan and black pair, complete with faux fur edging and microfleece on the inside. Perfect for everyday use.
  • These black and gray Gwen Muk Luks are like a comfy sweater on your feet, complete with faux fur lining and trim. A stylish option for the cold days ahead.
  • LL Bean’s Carrabasset snow boots have a lightweight feel, while easily repelling the elements and keeping you warm. I’d suggest these for skiers and more active winter activities…like a snowball fight.
  • Be the stormtrooper you were born to be in Timberland’s Chillberg boots. These include a removable insole, along with a waterproof membrane to keep feet dry whether shoveling out or taking a walk in freshly fallen snow.

For all of those who will continue with their Uggs loving ways – I tried. I will admit, I’m not-so-silently judging you. For the rest of you, who are willing to go in the direction of the stylish, I hope that these options will begin a new journey for you. Either way, good luck!

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